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Continuous personal growth by providing diverse opportunities through ongoing summer programs and school programs. Our vision is to help provide the highest academic, ethical, and artistic standards.

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Final Touch Performing Arts Studio, Inc. goals are:


1. To provide high quality performing arts opportunities for disadvantaged youth and adults.

2. Create opportunities for social and educational development through participation in the arts.

3. To introduce disadvantaged people to new and innovative elements of performing arts as well as embracing more traditional performance practices.

4. To establish summer opportunities for hands-on experience for the youth.

5. To participate as an advocate for the development of strategies that address the need for youth arts opportunities.

6. To offer educational resources and mentors for families within the organization.

7. To provide appropriate work opportunities for working aged youth and adults through fostering relationships between and cooperation among public and private agencies, organizations and individuals.

8. To enhance the community’s awareness and support of Final Touch Performing Arts Studio, Inc. and its initiatives through increased public relations activities and marketing

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